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April 10-12, 2019
Kaliningrad, Svetlogorsk (Yantar-Hall)
IPQuorum2019. Day 1
IPQuorum 2019. Day 1. HUB "A". Human capital as a macroeconomic resource
IPQuorum 2019. Forbes Russia Business Breakfast

The key subject of the forum will be “DnA IP: all aspects of intellectual property for the individual and the economy”. During 3 days the acute problems in different sectors of Russian economy and forum participating countries will be discussed. The problems will be considered by international expert society through the prism of intellectual property. The leading foreign and Russian experts will conduct the case studies and evaluate the possibilities to apply the multifaceted intellectual property tools for practical solution of problems in the social and economic area. The following aspects will be discussed:

  • legislative activities;
  • technological development;
  • human role in social and economic transformation;
  • influence of human capital development level on qualitative changes in public life;
  • transformation of markets driven by megatrends;
  • generation of new values and their introduction to the market turnover etc.


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Anton Alikhanov
Governor of the Kaliningrad Region
Zaid Hamzah
(Zаid Hamzah)
CEO of Asia Law Exchange, expert in ICT, cybersecurity, legal analytics and strategic management intellectual capital
Andrey Krichevsky
IPChain Association President
Valeria Brusnikina
IPChain IT Portfolio Manager
Eric GAN Kok Wah
Head of Intellectual Ownership and Innovation Management Singapore University of Social Sciences
David Chang
(David Chang C.W.)
Associate Principal, ITC School of Laws
Maxim Proksh
Chairman of the Board of the IPChain Association
Sergey Matveev
President of the Federation of Intellectual property (FIS)
Alexey Abramov
Head of the Federal Agency for technical regulation and metrology (ROSSTANDART)
Ekaterina Chukovskaya
Vice President for R&D of the Federation of Intellectual property (FIS)
Nelli Petkova
Head of External Communications, Interstate Fund for Humanitarian Cooperation of the CIS Member States, Associate Professor of the Russian State University for the Humanities, Ph.D.
Oleg Rumyantsev
Communications Professionals Association President business and states "GR-League"
Sergey Semyonov
Legal Advisor to the Producers Association
movie and television (APKiT)
Ivan Zasursky
Internet Publishers Association President
Ivan Twin
Rector of the Russian State Academy intellectual property (RGAIS)
George Boos
Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Council lighting industry of Russia "Svetotekhnika", President of the International lighting corporation "BL GROUP", head. Department of Lighting Engineering National Research University "MPEI"
Egor Shipitsyn
National Association Executive Director technology transfer (NATT)
Andrey Shpilenko
Founder and Head of Public Business organizations Association of Clusters and Technoparks of Russia
Vladislav Grib
Professor, Chairman of the Professorial Assembly, Member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, Vice President of the Federal Chamber of Advocates
Sergey Nakvasin
Director of Digital Technologies at ANO "Digital Economy"
Irina Gerasimova
Gen. director and artistic head of "RadioOrpheus", academician of the Russian Academy of Radio, laureate of the award "Media manager of Russia" 2010 and 2012
Alexander Tchaikovsky
Composer, People's Artist of Russia, Professor, Head of the Department of Composition at the Moscow Conservatory, Artistic supervisor Moscow Philharmonic
Matthias Lutzweiler
Naxos Germany CEO
Karina Abrahamyan
Director General of the Union of Composers Russia", pr-director of Firma Melodiya JSC, publisher of the Musical Life magazine and the magazine "Music Academy"
Oleg Rozov
Director of the Russian branch of The orchard"
Oksana Mikheeva
Advisor to the Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region on volunteer in culture, general director of ANO "LUXAR", producer Festival of New Russian Cinema "Gorky fest"
Lyudmila Berlinskaya
Pianist, Honored Artist of Russia, Professor Normal School of Music named after Alfred Cortot in Paris (École normale de musique de Paris), co-director of the festival "La Clé des Portes" (La Clé des Portes, Key to doors)
Stas Namin
Musician, composer, producer, photographer, painter, theater and film director, creator and leader of the Flowers group, creator of the Stas Theater Namina
Denis Shlesberg
Executive Creative Director of branding Agency "Artonika", Member of the Board of the Association of Branding Companies of Russia (ABKR), Lecturer at the British Higher School of Design
Olga Serova
Chair of the Department of Civil Law and process IKBFU I. Kant, Doctor of Law, Professor
Dmitry Marinichev
Presidential Commissioner for Rights Protection Internet Entrepreneurs (Internet Ombudsman), head of the company Radius Group
Olesya Belaya
Director of the Center for Legal Studies of High IKBFU technologies and. I. Kant
Akos Bona
Digital Future board member Foundation, EU Affairs Director, Hungarian digital champion
Pedro Simones Dias
Portuguese Bar Association
Igor Drozdov
Chairman of the Board of the Skolkovo Foundation
Vyacheslav Vitushkin
Acting CEO FSUE "Standartinform"
Anton Shalaev
Deputy Head of the Federal Agency on technical regulation and metrology
Vladimir Entin
Director of the Center for the Legal Protection of Intellectual Property property; advocate; corresponding member of the International Academy of Comparative rights
Anton Pronin
Director of the Foundation's Legal Technology Center "Skolkovo"
Paul Nio

Academy of Law COO Singapore (SAL), Executive Director of SAL Ventures Ltd
Lyudmila Novoselova
President of the Intellectual Property Court
Lidia Mikheeva
Deputy Chairman of the Council (leader) federal state budgetary scientific institution "Research Center for Private Law. S.S. Alekseev under the President of the Russian Federation, Deputy Secretary of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation
Elena Pavlova
Head of the Department of Intellectual Rights Research Center for Private Law named after S.S. Alekseeva, member of the Council at President of the Russian Federation on codification and improvement of civil legislation
Vasily Lukashevich
Senior Associate at the European Court of Rights human
Marina Rozhkova
Nicolas Rouiller
Director of Octagram SA, lawyer, doctor legal sciences, professor
Roman Silver
Secretary of the Union of Journalists of Russia
Vladimir Solovyov
Chairman of the Union of Journalists of Russia
Melissa GOH
Deputy Legalization Director sal, Deputy CEO of SAL Ventures Ltd
Anatoly Semyonov
Intellectual Property Ombudsman
Lyudmila Teselkina
CEO and Founder LLC "Consulting agency "Just Logistics"
Oksana Kurochkina
Attorney-at-law, Head of PRAVO for BUSINESS Law Firm APMO
Yuliana Slashcheva
Film studio chairman "Soyuzmultfilm" Chairman of the Board of the Association of Animated Film Industry Organizations.
Hasan Kurtulus
Proofstack co-founder and CEO
Valery Petrov
Vice President of the Russian Association crypto industry and blockchain (RACIB), a specialist in the field of digital economy, financial and strategic management
Yury Grymov
Russian theater and film director, screenwriter, producer, artistic director of the studio "South" and the theater "Modern", member Public Chamber of the Moscow Region, Academician of the Russian Academy cinematographic arts "Nika"
Vladimir Korovkin
Head of Innovation and Digital research”, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
Pavel Katkov
Founder and owner of Katkov & Partners, Member Council of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation on IP, member of the Expert Council under the State Commission on counteraction to illegal circulation of industrial products of the Government Russian Federations
Suzanne Kalenjian
Platform Founder and CEO Legal Advice Middle East
Daria Lipatova
Direction leader international acceleration, Skolkovo Foundation
Ildar Shaikhutdinov
General Director of JSC “Institute of Financial business development”
Alexey Paevsky
Chief editor of Neuronovosti.Ru
Lyubov Kiriy
Deputy Head of the Federal Service for intellectual
property (Rospatent)
Oleg Neretin
Director of the Federal Institute of Industrial property (FIPS)
Camila Prosperous
Intellectual Practice Leader property FjM International Solicitors & Lawyers, member of the International Security Association intellectual property (AIPPI), patent attorney
Alexey Potapkin
Advisor to the administration at the Moscow City University of Management of the Government of Moscow, head of the personnel department technologies in Moscow Government
Natalia Ignatenko
Crowdfunding Platform PR Director planeta.ru
Ilya Nasonov
Lead designer and co-owner of the design studio NasonovDesignWerke, lecturer at the Moscow State Art Academy named after S.G. Stroganov and the British Higher design schools
Maria Sigova
Rector of the International Banking Institute, doctor economics, professor
Ilya Arestov
Head of IT Security "International Business Solutions"
Oleg Yena
Head of the project office of the Federal Institute industrial property (FIPS)
Lilia Gumerova
Member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
Mikhail Bashirov
Managing Partner at Bashirov & Partners LLC, Chairman of the IT Lawyers Discussion Club (ITLDC)
Svetlana Kuzmitskaya
Head of educational projects GS Group
Konstantin Sidorkov
VK Partner Relations Director
Viktor Aslanov
Head of research bureau "Grain and Oilseeds"
Alexander Barkov
FSUE First Deputy General Director "STANDARTINFORM"
Andrey Zhitinkin
Director, People's Artist of Russia, laureate of international awards
Tatyana Dubovskaya
CEO UrbaniEco, school and equipment for city ​​farmers, Co-founder of the city farm "Local Roots", community leader in development city ​​farming in Russia.
Nikolay Figurovsky
Head of the PR Department of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, political scientist
Walter Reicher
Intendant of the International Joseph Haydn Festival in Eisenstadt
Armen Minasyan
Head of Crowdlending Business Department sites "City of Money"
Yuri Yakhin
Leader of the intellectual practice group property and trademarks, patent attorney
Alexander Uvarov
Industrial Designer PhD art history, member of the Union of Artists, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation of the National design institute
Sergey Prishchepny
An intellectual property expert, patent Attorney, Intellectual Property Expert JSC Russian Export center"
Andrey Busargin
Head of Innovation Protection Department brand and intellectual property "Group-IB"
Andrey Apostolov
Writer, Creative Producer
Alexander Verevkin
Doctor of Economics, Professor economic Faculty of Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov
Evgeny Lokhmatov
Adviser on digitalization and development of NRU "Higher School of Economics, PhD in Law
Alexey Zhdanov
Editor, Telesputnik publishing house, expert in digital services and online content
Alexander Zemtsov
IBM Scientific and Technical Center
Ivan Kazantsev
CEO of Optimal Engineering systems", current member of the expert group of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) by sports lighting
Dmitry Karpov
Design in Interactive Course Curator, British Higher School of Design
Ksenia Kasyanovich
Chief Strategy Officer Mindsmith
Clara Oren
Head of Israel Business Incubator "lngreentech"
Ekaterina Kulagina
Head of legal department TASS
Tatyana Kubasova
Associate Director for research work at the State Darwin Museum
Alexander Lazarenko
Head of Innovation & Development products "Group-IB"
Ruslan Makarov
Rector of the Institute for Digital Economy, President National Foundation for the Development of International Youth Organizations, Professor, Grand PhD
Marina Sobe-Panek
Writer, blogger, screenwriter, Academy member Russian television
Konstantin Markov
Candidate of Law, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Art History Moscow State Art and Industry Academy. S.G. Stroganov, Vice-President of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia for legal issues, honorable Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts.
Alexey Marukhin
President of JSC SITRONICS
Kirill Rodin
Organ Relations Manager state authority of the Department of socio-political research VTsIOM
Nikolay Sokolov
Company Advanced Development Advisor "Hi-Tech"
Dmitry Tyunkin
Deputy Head of Department innovative protection of the Group IB brand and intellectual property
Alexey Chaplygin
Research team leader National university ranking "Interfax"
Edgard Zapashny
General Director of the Great Moscow Circus
Ruslan Yusufov
Company founder and managing partner Mindsmith
Malika Isaeva
Head of Financial Technologies Practice, Senior Associate, Law Company "Zartsyn and Partners"
Viktor Maksimov
Investment platform COO COFI
Alexey Popovichev
RusBrand Executive Director
Yana Sklyarova
Deputy Head of Control Department advertising and unfair competition FAS Russia
Mikhail Tainov
Commercial Director of Cross Technologies JSC
Vladimir Budak
Editor-in-Chief of the Lighting Engineering magazine, academician RAS, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Lighting Engineering, National Research University "MPEI"
Dmitry Chepelevsky
Head of department program and information promotion of the International Lighting Corporation "BL GROUP"
Alexander Fotin
Chief Engineer of the SvetoProekt project
Vladislav Terekhov
Researcher at the All-Russian research lighting institute (VNISI) them. S.I. Vavilova
Vladimir Pchelin
Reflux General Director, Doctor of Technical Sciences, chairman Working Group on lighting engineering RG-8, International organization "INTERELECTRO", representative of Russia in Section 4 of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE)
Johann Paul Keller
"Public Space Online" Founder
Volker Grassmuck
Media sociologist, member of the Board of Digital Gesellschaft"
Motasem Abu Ghazaleh
VP-TAG Global
Wan Zulhami Bin Rahman
Head of Strategic Research and consulting "CyberSecurity Malaysia"
Yvett Paulovics
Lawyer and founder of Fasano Paulovics Società tra Avvocati"
Anna Kuz
TV & Content Consultant J'Son&Partners Consulting
Felix Krivosheev
Investor, Author, Producer in VR
Galina Kravchenko
Assortment Department Director Fashion Consulting Group, Head of Trend Analytics FCG/FashionSnoops
Solange Rodrigues
Singer and Composer, President of Copyright societies "Cabo Verde"
Hamazasp Danielyan
Member of the National Assembly of the Republic Armenia
Dmitry Grinchenko
CEO of the Russian Concert agencies"
Alexander Kasparov
Chief Marketing Officer Warner Music Russia
Dmitry Abramov
Co-organizer of international educational formats PechaKucha Night Moscow and CreativeMornings Moscow
Alexey Ivanov
Domestic advertising guru, author of 15 books on advertising and marketing, director of the creative agency "MasterUm"
Anton Bulanov
Director of Corporate Communications at Invitro, Doctor of Economics, Leading Lecturer, Branding Course at the Higher School marketing and business development HSE

Daniil Medvedev
Russian public figure, philosopher, futurologist, transhumanist, popularizer of science, host of the "Program for the Future" on the TV channel Russia 2
Nikolay Podorvanyuk
Editor-in-chief of information and service portal Indicator.Ru of Rambler Group media holding
Andrey Rudetskikh
Freshtunes COO
Kadir Kurtulus
President of the Eurasia Blockchain Association
Alexander Lavrov
Head of IP Legal and technologies of PJSC Sberbank.
Bobris Gerasin
Head of Design Patents PAO Sberbank.
Radmir Galeev
Co-founder and commercial director of APK LLC STOLYPINO
Elena Naumova
Development Director, Protection Technology LLC
Ruzanna Akhobekova
Dentons IP, IT and Telecommunications, Expert of Competence Center for Regulatory Regulation digital Economics ANO "Digital Economy" at the Skolkovo Foundation
Kamo Basenqian
Group-IB Business Development Manager
Dimiter Gantchev
Associate Director of Management copyright rights "World Intellectual Property Organization"
Alexander Lebedev
CEO of "BigAsia" TV channel
Vsevolod Adamov
Project Director "Leopony"
Andrey Grachev
Huobi Russia CEO, Vice President RAKIB
Victor Chekanov
Megogo Russia CEO
Svetlana Butenko
Patent Attorney, Ph.D.
Sergey Kiselev
Director and founder of VR next (Kaliningrad)
Oleg Mosyazh
Deputy CEO, Director of working with SK Forum partners
Irina Morozova
Lead Consultant, Brands and Patents LLC
Kirill Popov
"Infoshell" Commercial Director
Pavel Postnikov
Phigitalizm Art Director
Egor Kholmogorov
Reviewer of Tsargrad TV channel, blogger, publicist
Dmitry Kuskov
Minister of the Government of the Kaliningrad Region
Gary Goldman
Vice Prime Minister of the Government of Kaliningrad areas
Ekaterina Eremenko
Dean of the Faculty of Intellectual property of RGAIS
Tully Kelmi
Managing Partner and Creative Director Ampersand.fm
Ismail Mammadkarimov
Director General of the Eurasian Confederation societies of right holders (EAKOP)
Pavel Stepanov
Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federations
Oksana Tarasenko
Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Evelina Zakamskaya
Chief Editor, Doctor TV channel; TV presenter, TV channel "Russia 24"
Alexander Subbotin
Member of the Board (Minister) for Industry and agro-industrial complex of the Eurasian Economic Commission
Boris Mashkovtsev
CEO of Soyuzmultfilm
Anna Kostyra
CIS Managing Partner Deloitte Legal
Ulrich Spieshofer
Andrey Klemeshev
BFU Rector
Vladimir Volkogon
Rector of KSTU
Leonid Grigoriev
Chief Advisor to Head of Analytical center under the Government of the Russian Federation
Natalya Kornienko
E.T. Gaidar
Anastasia Pavlenko
"Director of Strategic Partnerships Directorate Innopraktika. Foundation "National Intellectual Development"
Nikolay Kolpakov
Director of ANO "Innovative engineering center" (Innopraktika)
Alexander Grekov
PhD in Art History, Honored Worker Arts of Russia, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts.
Denis Kalinovsky
Youth agency director Kaliningrad areas
Evgeny Grabilin
CEO of Intel Trade
Alexander Shibaev
Director of the Center for Youth Innovation creativity "Remixes)
Evgeny Frolikov
CEO Music label “MadMeal”
Vadim Perevalov
Lawyer at Baker McKenzie
Karine Airapetova
Attorney, Managing Partner Ayrapetova&Partners, legal director of HYPE FILM.
Grigory Turintsev
n'RIS Commercial Director
Inna Prilezhaeva
Director of the Brest Fortress Development Fund, executive director of the Association of Cultural Managers, an expert in the field sociocultural design
Nikolai Ilyin
Head of Information Systems Department Services special communications and information of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSO Russia)
Vladimir Kharitonov
Executive Director of the Association online publishers
Nikolay Uskov
Forbes Editor-in-Chief
Alexander Sukhotin
CO-FI Chairman
Irina Yakovleva
IPChain Vice President for Legal issues
Maxim Dmitriev
Chairman of the Board of Russian Copyright Society (RAO)
Natalia Trishchenko
Editor, Lomonosov Moscow State University Lomonosov, faculty journalism
Vadim Martynov
Member of the Board of Directors of Design Bureau "Novy Vek"
Alexander Lebedev
CEO TV channel "BigAsia"
Andrey Gorokhov
Deputy Development Director, Infamed LLC TO"
Zhanna Malkova
CEO of Miratorg Zapad LLC
Julia Mindubaeva
CEO of Start.Ru LLC
Natalya Kambarova
CEO Terra TV/NTV Israel
Gleb Kuzmin
HSE ISSEK Leading Expert
Elena Yampolskaya
Chairman of the Culture Committee State Duma of the Russian Federation
Alexander Atrashchenko
ITMO St. Petersburg University
Dimiter Gantchev
Deputy Director, Copyright management division, Copyright & Creative industries, WIPO
Mikhail Bryzgalov
General Director of FGBUK "Russian national Museum of Music", President of the Association of Music Museums and Collectors
Pierre-Olivier Lesburguers
Solange Rodriguez
Cape Verdean Music and CRM, CEO
Evgeny Safronov
IA Intermedia
Igor Vdovin
Vice President of the RSPP, Member of the Board of the RSPP, Chairman of the Investment Policy Committee for Development Institutions and export support, Chairman of the Board of Directors of National Agency of Direct investments”, D.Yu. PhD, Professor, National Research University Higher School of Economics.
Mikhail Sheverdyaev
General Director, Kliver LLC
Mikhail Zatsepin
General Director, Kaliningradskiy amber plant"
Dmitry Sivkov
Baltmotors CEO
Sergey Ryzhikov
1C-Bitrix CEO, co-founder Bitrix24
Kirill Yutkin
CEO of Yantarenergo
Andrey Romanov
Chairman of the Board of Directors of OOO Zalessky farmer"
Alexander Shenderyuk-Zhidkov
Directors of Sodruzhestvo Management Company
Victor Chekanov
Vsevolod Mylnikov
AO Executive Director Advisor TV company NTV
Anton Malyshev
Development Fund Executive Director contemporary cinema "Kinoprime"
Igor Kuzmichev
Head of Software Development Division security of GC "NEOLANT"
Alina Akinshina
Online Patent COO
Valery Drobysh
StartUp Music CEO
Matthew M. Jospin
Patent and Attorney at Law intellectual property
Igor Makeev
President of NP MAYAK "Consent and Assistance"
Alexander Redekop
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Joint Stock societies "International Bureau of Innovation Commercialization"
Alexey Bobrovsky
Head of Economic News Service TV channel
"Russia 24"
Ekaterina Tyagay
University Family Law Chair named after O.E. Kutafina (MSLA), partner of the law firm "Lidzhist"

Elena Avakyan
Counsel at the Law Office "Egorov, Puginsky,
Afanasiev & Partners
Igor Osipov
Digital Science CEO, President FEFU Foundation
Martin Roll
Fortune 100 Senior Advisor, Large Asian companies and family businesses, expert in leadership, transformation and strategic planning, bestselling author of Brand Strategy for Asia
Anton Pushkov
Head of the Center for Intellectual property Skolkovo





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